529 Commits (master)

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  Aqua-sama f15af11e4b
Add SaveSessionDialog 16 hours ago
  Aqua-sama 595a1b3a0e
Profile picker menu: use QActionGroup instead of QRadioButton 1 day ago
  Aqua-sama 49a5354005
Add lang/meson.build 1 day ago
  Aqua-sama 64e765111d
Add translations meson option to build and install translations 1 day ago
  Aqua-sama 4eedf60d76
MainWindow: rework menu bar 1 day ago
  Aqua-sama 1891b51b3b
Fix crash creating ConfigurationEditorPlugin widget 3 days ago
  Aqua-sama d6fa17aab9
Fix navigation buttons using wrong icons 3 days ago
  Aqua-sama 1e2034c9e3
Update poi_firejail.desktop 3 days ago
  Aqua-sama 4443655c13
Add separate firejail .desktop 4 days ago
  Aqua-sama 2433ffa83b
firejail profile: disable private-bin 6 days ago
  Aqua-sama 8ec2d92953
Fix options not getting overwritten by command line 6 days ago
  Aqua-sama a118a7b6de
Split crash handler code off main 6 days ago
  Aqua-sama 53594eabcc
Configuration: parse command line after parsing config file 1 week ago
  Aqua-sama 2d711650e2
PKGBUILD: add gpg key signing for plugins 1 week ago
  Aqua-sama 1eddb74180
Add builtins::version, ::build and ::help 1 week ago
  Aqua-sama 4acf3ad913
Update .desktop and .profile 1 week ago
  Aqua-sama fbdaade51c
pick-session: pass session data to existing instance if any 2 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama e4402ac5ca
Add --session and --pick-session 2 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama f0a7c1760a
Remove old session code 2 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 0b9cf8c968
Rewrite Session saving and loading 2 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 696743557d
Add Session::view and Session::restoreView 2 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 09c4508aee
Add Session Dialog 2 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama b65341c9d3
Add QT_NO_DEBUG to non-debug builds 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama b25829645d
Adding and Removing plugins at runtime 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 600c649c3d
Update About Dialog text 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 5e26d0efb4
Loading and unloading of plugins at runtime 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 7a3b8bb16c
Add About and Run actions to plugin submenu 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama ea326176b6
Add library check for Plasma and Breakpad configuration toggles 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 830c1b67a4
Fix transparent background being enabled if Plasma is found 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 240fb8427a
Add AboutPlugin dialog 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 47eefd76a8
Add link to GPL to About dialog 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama db58900d3d
Make keyboard shortcut defaults configurable 3 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama 566abfa991
Add adblockrule_parse 4 weeks ago
  Aqua-sama d193660622
Add more regex benchmarks 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 689a94481d
Fix various build warnings 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 9486e7f6c3
Add test/ meson.build 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama e737713442
Remove breakpad gitmodule 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 1f85a65078
Remove CMakeLists 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 349ed63038
Use vcs_tag to get version information 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 6422a2a35a
Update PKGBUILD to use meson 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama b2fec872de
Add missing install items 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 0daac7e5d6
Add plugins to meson build 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 4a226dc94f
Fix plasma dependency 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 12d9dcaf8a
Fix breakpad integration 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 8d27e0ff0b
Remove lib/ as includepath 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 0851cfc8a0
Fix SingleApplication segfault 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 547d6a4a8e
Fix link errors 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 6673ba53c1
Initial meson build files 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama b091eab329
AdblockRule constructor 1 month ago
  Aqua-sama 197175c8b9
Add MatcherBenchmark 1 month ago