Reporting bugs

What to include

A bug report should contain these 4 things:


This includes program version; operating system used; version of Qt or other libraries; any relevant information if you built from source.

Steps to reproduce

Give detailed steps on how to reproduce the problem. Start from the beginning, mention the actions involved, and be verbose.

Expected result

It’s important to include the result you were expecting, as it might differ from the way the program was designed to work.

Actual result

It is also important to include a good description of the buggy behaviour itself as well, because it’s possible that following your steps on a different system doesn’t reproduce the issue.

Send bug reports to aqua at iserlohn dash fortress dot net.

Adapted from the guide in the texmate repository.

Known bugs

databases-incognito in home

loadFinished is not always emitted when loading is finished

QWebEngineView setUrl()/load() methods in some case divide page in two parts

Only affects Qt 5.11.0. Set QTBUG_68224_WORKAROUND.

Wayland bugs

mainwindow.maximized doesn’t work

setWindowState(Qt::WindowMaximized) has no effect on KDE/Wayland:

Windows bugs

stdout and stderr

Starting the application with some command-line options (like --version, --help, etc) causes the application to 'stall' on exit.

Starting the application from the command prompt returns after launch, but continues outputting stdout and stderr to it.