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parentFix minidump generation from exception. (diff)
Fix GetLoadingAddress() to work for Native Client executables
NaCl executables have ELF program headers that look like this (for the original NaCl x86 GCC toolchain): Program Header: LOAD off 0x00010000 vaddr 0x00020000 paddr 0x00020000 align 2**16 filesz 0x00017ce0 memsz 0x00017ce0 flags r-x LOAD off 0x00030000 vaddr 0x10020000 paddr 0x10020000 align 2**16 filesz 0x00001c98 memsz 0x00001c98 flags r-- LOAD off 0x00040000 vaddr 0x10030000 paddr 0x10030000 align 2**16 filesz 0x000025ec memsz 0x00002b88 flags rw- or this (for the newer NaCl ARM GCC toolchain): Program Header: LOAD off 0x00010000 vaddr 0x00020000 paddr 0x00020000 align 2**16 filesz 0x000193b0 memsz 0x000193b0 flags r-x LOAD off 0x00000000 vaddr 0x10020000 paddr 0x10020000 align 2**16 filesz 0x00000978 memsz 0x00000978 flags r-- LOAD off 0x00001000 vaddr 0x10031000 paddr 0x10031000 align 2**16 filesz 0x00000abc memsz 0x00000fac flags rw- Fix GetLoadingAddress() to return the start address of the first segment, 0x20000, in these cases. Looking at p_offset for this isn't correct, and the first segment doesn't have p_offset == 0 here because NaCl can't map the ELF file headers as part of the first segment (which is for validatable code only). BUG= https://code.google.com/p/nativeclient/issues/detail?id=3424 TEST= check addresses in output of "dump_syms" when run on NaCl nexe Patch by Mark Seaborn <mseaborn@chromium.org> Review URL: https://breakpad.appspot.com/588002/ git-svn-id: http://google-breakpad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@1170 4c0a9323-5329-0410-9bdc-e9ce6186880e
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diff --git a/src/common/linux/dump_symbols.cc b/src/common/linux/dump_symbols.cc
index 517edee3..014e7c3e 100644
--- a/src/common/linux/dump_symbols.cc
+++ b/src/common/linux/dump_symbols.cc
@@ -152,14 +152,16 @@ typename ElfClass::Addr GetLoadingAddress(
int nheader) {
typedef typename ElfClass::Phdr Phdr;
+ // For non-PIC executables (e_type == ET_EXEC), the load address is
+ // the start address of the first PT_LOAD segment. (ELF requires
+ // the segments to be sorted by load address.) For PIC executables
+ // and dynamic libraries (e_type == ET_DYN), this address will
+ // normally be zero.
for (int i = 0; i < nheader; ++i) {
const Phdr& header = program_headers[i];
- // For executable, it is the PT_LOAD segment with offset to zero.
- if (header.p_type == PT_LOAD &&
- header.p_offset == 0)
+ if (header.p_type == PT_LOAD)
return header.p_vaddr;
- // For other types of ELF, return 0.
return 0;